Q: How old do you have to be to join Army Cadets?
A: You must be between the ages of 12 to 18, inclusive. To receive full benefit from the Army Cadet program it is best (although not required) to join before the age of 16. Applicants 16 or older may wish to pursue a career with the Canadian Forces Army Reserve.

Q: When and where do you train? A: We train every Tuesday evening from September to June. Starting at 6:15pm until 9:15pm. Our facility is located in the old Currie Barracks in the ASU Building located at 4225 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary, AB (Map on Contact Us page), just across Crowchild Trail from the Military Museum.

Q: Is there training on any other days or weekends? A: In addition to Tuesday evening parade nights, there are mandatory and optional training sessions on weekdays and weekends. The mandatory events will typically be Saturdays. Throughout the training year the corps will go on three FTXs (Field Training Exercises) as well as a trip to Edmonton to visit the base. On these weekends the Corps will leave Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon.

Q: What do you actually do on the average Tuesday evening? A: The average Tuesday evening parade night consists of an opening and closing parade, with lectures in between. These lectures can range from practical lessons, such as map & compass, drill or firearm handling skills. They also include lessons about Army Cadet history, physical fitness and leadership.

Q: What else can I do in Army Cadets? A: The Army Cadet program offers a variety of advanced training activities, in addition to the regular yearly training. Cadets can attend international exchanges to Australia, England, German and the United States (just to name a few). Cadets can also attend courses ranging from advanced Leadership & Challenge in the Canadian Rockies to a military parachutist course and become qualified paratroopers. The options are virtually endless.

Q: Are Army Cadets paid? A: No. If a cadet attends summer training, he/she will receive a training bonus at the end of their training (approx. $60/week).

Q: Will I be expected to join the Army or Canadian Forces (CF) after completion of the Cadet program? A: No. There is no obligation whatsoever to the Canadian Forces, since Cadets technically aren’t members of the CF. However, if you choose to pursue a career in the CF, you will find you have learned many valuable skills. Many of our former cadets have pursued exciting careers in the CF. The CF also offers a number of incentives to former cadets.

Q: Besides certain practical skills, what else can Cadets offer me? A: The Canadian Cadet Program is like no other in the world. After a period in Army Cadets, you can benefit from real-world problem solving skills, leadership, management, public speaking skills and so much more. Tenure in Cadets can also provide valuable work experience for virtually any job that requires leadership skills, management, interaction with the public and organizational skills.

Q: I am a parent, how can I get involved? A: We have a very active Parent Support Committee which consists of parents and officers as well as other interested civilians. For more information about this committee, please see the About Us section of our website.

Q: Who runs this corps? Who is in charge? A: The Cadet Corps is run by a team of Officers who are members of the CIC (Cadet Instructors Cadre), a special branch of the Canadian Forces reserves. CIC Officers are members of the CF Reserves who are trained specially for working with youth. Often times these officers are themselves former members of the regular Army or past cadets. In addition, our Corps has several volunteers and civilian instructors who aid in the training and administration of the Corps. Please see our About Us page for more information.

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